Auto Diagnostics in Chicago, IL & the Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Chicago and the Surrounding Areas

Auto Diagnostics in Chicago, ILTop Motors Complete Auto Care is equipped with the latest car diagnostic and repair technology, ensuring we're able to provide the quickest, most effective service possible. It's important that you visit our nearby auto shop at the first sign of trouble to keep repair costs low and your car safe and reliable. Some general symptoms that it's time for a trip to the auto shop include strange noises, odd smells, car shaking or vibrating, dashboard warning lights or a general decrease in performance. Whatever trouble you're facing, we can identify and fix it. Give us a call to schedule professional auto diagnostics in Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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Computer Diagnostics

Our technicians utilize the latest scan tools and computer diagnostic technology to communicate directly with vehicles that are having issues. With these devices, we can pinpoint car trouble fast and identify the appropriate repair just as quickly. By investing in this equipment, we're able to get our customers in and out in a jiffy, without sacrificing quality. Your car will be safe and reliable when it leaves our facility.

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Chicago, ILFor many people, the check engine light is a disturbing sight, as they believe they're in for catastrophic repairs. Thankfully, this isn't true most of the time. The check engine light often illuminates when sensors detect some minor trouble, such as a failed sensor, a misfire or even a loose gas cap, all of which can be fixed quickly. However, should you delay check engine light diagnostics in Chicago, that problem will grow worse and more expensive to fix. For example, that failed sensor could develop into a malfunctioning catalytic converter, a much more costly part to replace. As soon as that light turns on, visit us for check engine light repair.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Besides the check engine light, your dash is home to a variety of other warning lights. These include the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light, anti-lock braking system (ABS) light, oil light, engine temperature light, battery light, alternator light, and more. If any dash warning lights come on, head to our shop for expert computer auto diagnostics. We'll have you in and out quickly, while ensuring your car is safe to drive and performing as best as possible.

Emissions Testing & Repair

Common Signs of Car Trouble in Chicago, ILIf your vehicle has recently failed an emissions test, we can help. Our exhaust and emissions repair experts will diagnose the trouble and get it fixed fast, ensuring your vehicle is legal to drive. Repairing emissions issues has other benefits too, such as keeping the air cleaner and improving fuel efficiency.

Top Motors Complete Auto Care is a state of the art auto diagnostic shop in Chicago, located in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. We're positive we can fix any issue that your vehicle may be suffering from, so don't wait to come see us! Both you and your car will be glad you did. Give us a call at (773) 974-1590 to learn more about our Chicago auto shop or to request an appointment for service right away.

"Exceptional service! If you're looking for mechanics in the 60639 (Cragin Belmont area) see Les who owns and runs this business. He's there during business hours and is a very personable business owner (honest and down to earth). I was looking for a mechanic shop that I could trust and haven't gone anywhere else once Top Motors first took care of my vehicles. Very professional, reliable, and quick with their craft."