Common Repair Issues Found in European Cars

Common Repair Issues Found in European Cars

Even though Audis and BMWs are fun to drive, they come with a unique set of issues not commonly found in domestic brands. Read on for some of the most common repair issues in these popular European cars. If you drive a European brand car and need repairs in Chicago or the surrounding areas, come to Top Motors Complete Auto Care. Whether you own a foreign or domestic car, our team can provide you with a free estimate and get you back on the road in no time.

Mercedes Benz

Most drivers feel as if they are in the lap of luxury when they drive this German car. However, having to repair one can be a headache. If your Mercedes was built after 1995, it has an electronic transmission. Graphite buildup in the clutches may cause oil leaks. When your Mercedes is not running smoothly, take it to a reputable shop for an inspection.


After reaching 70,000 to 100,000 miles, Volkwagen cars can suffer from oil sludge buildup. This buildup puts stress on the radiator and the engine's cooling system. To prevent this and costly repairs, make sure your Volkswagen gets regular oil changes.


Although Audi's are typically known for being reliable cars, they do run into spark plug issues.

Spark plug failure prevents the ignition from starting. Luckily, spark plug replacement is inexpensive. Make sure to always replace your Audiís spark plugs with OE brand plugs.


As one of the most expensive brands to repair, we recommend taking preventative care seriously with this car. One of the most common parts to break down on a BMW is the coolant system, which is responsible for air conditioning as well as keeping the engine from overheating. If you notice anything peculiar with your car's AC, bring it in for an inspection right away.

European Auto Repair in Chicago

Top Motors Complete Auto Care is dedicated to providing high-quality car repair and maintenance in Chicago. Our expert techs have years of experience working with all types of brands, so don't hesitate to visit us. To schedule any form of domestic or foreign auto repair, call Top Motors Complete Auto Care at (725) 777-5767 or stop by our shop on the corner of Diversey and Austin. We look forward to working with you to keep your car safe and reliable.

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Posted: August 16, 2021

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