Check Engine Light On? Find Out Why From Our Chicago Auto Shop

Check Engine Light On? Find Out Why From Our Chicago Auto Shop

Check Engine Light On? Find Out Why From Our Chicago Auto ShopIt's perfectly common for your check engine light to come on briefly when you start the car. If it stays on or continues to flash, though, you may have an issue. Continue reading to learn why your check engine light is on. When you need a diagnosis or repair for your check engine light in Chicago, bring your car to Top Motors Complete Auto Care.

Check Engine Light Is On

Don't be alarmed if your vehicle's check engine light comes on. There's likely a simple solution. Begin by tightening the gas cap, which might cause the light to appear if it is loose. The gas cap may need to be changed if the light does not turn off after a few days. If that doesn't work, take your car to a mechanic in your area who can run a diagnostic test. Spark plugs that are old or broken, or faulty oxygen or airflow sensors are all common test results.

Flashing Check Engine Light

Something is wrong when the check engine light flashes. You must take your vehicle to a repair facility as soon as feasible. If this happens while you're driving, pull over as quickly as possible and turn off the engine. Continued driving may cause serious damage to the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, and other vital components of the vehicle. An engine misfire is one of the most common causes of a flashing check engine light. When one of the vehicle's cylinders malfunctions and is unable to deliver power to the engine, a misfire occurs.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis in Chicago

When you need a check engine light diagnosis, bring your car to a trusted mechanic. Top Motors Complete Auto Care is dedicated to providing high-quality car repair and maintenance in Chicago. We have years of experience working with all types of brands, so don't hesitate to drop by. To schedule any form of domestic or foreign auto repair, call Top Motors Complete Auto Care at (725) 777-5767 or stop by our shop on the corner of Diversey and Austin. We look forward to working with you to keep your car safe and reliable.

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Posted: March 2022

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