Car Not Starting? Find Out What To Do From Our Chicago Auto Shop

Car Not Starting? Find Out What To Do From Our Chicago Auto Shop

Car Not Starting? Find Out What To Do From Our Chicago Auto ShopCar issues usually strike when you least expect them. The following are some of the most typical reasons why your vehicle won't start and what you can do about it. When you need a hand getting your car back on the road in Chicago, bring it to Top Motors Complete Auto Care.

Dead Battery

When the engine won't start, the first thing to check is the battery. The battery is responsible for powering electrical components, such as the lights. Poor wiring, leaving a light on overnight, or using an outdated battery are all causes of battery death. Try jump-starting your vehicle to get it started. If that doesn't work, have a professional check your battery to see if it has to be replaced right away.

Ignition Problems

The issue may happen as soon as you put the key in the ignition. The ignition could be locked if you can't fully turn the key. When parked on a slope or when your wheels make contact with a curb, this can happen. Turn the steering wheel back and forth to unlock the ignition lock.

You may have a malfunctioning ignition switch if you can physically turn the key but the car does not start. To make sure it's not a dead battery, try turning on your headlights or dash lights.

Empty Gas Tank

An empty gas tank is one of the easiest issues to solve if you happen to be near a gas station. Although we don't recommend allowing your tank to get so low on gas often. If you run out of gas frequently, the gasoline filter in the pump will clog, leaving you stranded and perhaps causing serious engine problems in the future.

Auto Repair in Chicago

When you're having issues getting your car to start, come to a trusted mechanic. Top Motors Complete Auto Care is dedicated to providing high-quality car repair and maintenance in Chicago. We have years of experience working with all types of brands, so don't hesitate to drop by. To schedule any form of domestic or foreign auto repair, call us at (725) 777-5767 or stop by our shop on the corner of Diversey and Austin. We look forward to working with you to keep your car safe and reliable.

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Posted: May 2022

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